Manang 30 Years After Catalogue

Manang 30 Years After CatalogueOn the occassion of the exhibition Manang 30 Years After opening in the Stone Bell House, Prague, we printed new exhibition catalogue in Czech and English language.

Exhibition photographs: Zdeněk Thoma, Michal Thoma
Illustrative photographs: Libor Bureš
Foreword: Ivan M. Havel
Texts: Zdeněk Thoma, Michal Thoma
Graphic designer: Kamila Thomová

Publisher: Zdeněk Thoma
90 CZK

Published: 2011
Format: A4, 64 pages, Czech and English
Tiskárna Tobola

Catalogue is sold for 90 CZK (approximately 3.8 Euro) Catalogue can be bought during exhibitions or ordered by e-mail ( In this case postage and packing is charged extra (inquire by e-mail to check postage cost for your locality).

Electronic catalogue is availabe for download for free.

Manang 30 Years Later, PDF, 12 MB