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Tourist enterpreneur dilemma: The case of Yartung festival in Manang

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ManangHave you seen the Eric Valli’s Caravan? This beautiful film featuring stunning Himalayan landscape has rather simple though powerful story. It is rivalry between young and old village headmen. While the old insist on departing for annual trade expedition on auspicious date determined by the astrologer, the young want to leave as soon as possible for practical reasons. When some half a year ago I first thought to organize tour to Manang for the Yartung horse racing festival, I didn’t know, that I’ll actually impose the same dilemma on the society of Manang.

Bhutan: How the life goes in the happy country?

Woman of Layap tribe of northern Bhutan in her traditional hat, watches down from the typical painted Bhutanese window.
In order to put at least some English language content to my blog, I decided to translate photograph captions from my story about Bhutan in Czech language. While the original text goes quite deep in discussing the real and claimed state of happiness in Bhutan, the photographs are rather unproblematic wide selection of the shots I made during my several travels to this stunning Himalayan country. Please enjoy the show.